Oyster River Winegrowers; Meet the Winemaker and other Upcoming Events

Oyster River Winegrowers wine can be purchased right on their farm.  Their summer tasting hours are:

Friday and Saturday:   12 o’clock – 8 o’clock pm.

Sunday and Monday:  12 o’clock – 5 o’clock pm.

Meet the winemaker Events:

Friday, 17 Nov.

Place:  Oyster River Winegrowers farm

Time:  5 o’clock – 7 o’clock pm.

Friday, 24 Nov.

Place:  Oyster River Winegrowers farm

Time:  1 o’clock – 3 o’clock pm.

Oyster River Winegrowers Special wine Tasting:

Friday, 24 Nov

Place:  Oyster River Winegrowers farm

Time:  3 o’clock pm.

Cost:  $55

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a well-deserving cause.

Real Wine Party:

Friday, 01 Dec.

Place:  Oyster River Winegrowers farm

Time:  6 o’clock –till late

Cost:  $65

Food and wine included.

Live music.

All are welcome.  Cash bar available.

Wine and Pizza Nights:

Place:  Oyster River Winegrowers farm

Every 2nd and last Saturday, Jun. –Oct.

Time:  5 o’clock – 8 o’clock pm.

Cash Only

Their wines can be found at all wine and beverage stores, speciality stores and in restaurants.  If their wines are not stocked at your favourite store, ask them to purchase wines from Oyster River Winegrowers and direct them to their Distribution page.

You can also join Oyster River Winegrowers, Wine Club.  Joining the Wine Club you will be receiving, releases of small lot wines, single edition wines and creative experiment results.  Joining is free.  You will be responsible for four quarterly payments of $75 each, plus the shipping of products.  The quarters are timed with the seasons.  You will receive 3 bottles of wine of your own choice.

Wine Club Members will also always receive 20% off all of their wine purchases, anywhere they buy.