The Benefits of Gardening as a Health and Therapeutic Activity

Gardening has many therapeutic benefits.  There even exists a Formal practice, using plants, horticultural activities and the garden environment to promote the well-being of a person.  This career is called, “Horticultural Therapy” (HT).  The results of HT affirm that people do need a good relationship with nature to also lead healthy lives.  We all have an innate connection with nature.

5 Basic Facts about Horticultural Therapy and the benefits you can derive from it.

  1. Horticultural Therapy is offered in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, community agencies and long term illness care facilities.
  2. HT. uses gardening as a therapeutic tool. It promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  3. Horticultural activities help aid the healing process. Used in conjunction with physiotherapy, counselling and, if needed, medication, HT can help with recovering from illness and injury.
  4. HT is a Client-Centred Therapy that tends to help achieve personal growth and encourage people to help themselves.
  5. Horticultural Therapy is provided by registered Therapists and Therapy Technicians (HTT). The therapist facilitates HT sessions to help a person reach their goals.

What is the Benefits of Horticultural Therapy, and who can benefit from it?

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from Horticultural Therapy.  Whole families can participate together and include their caregivers.  HT can help with:

People who feel:  Depressed, Anxious, Socially isolated, Overwhelmed with responsibilities and Hopeless.

People who live with:  Physical disabilities, Sensory limitations, and Emotional Imbalances.

HT Can aid with:  Addictions, Loss, Life Changes, Physical Injury, and Abuse.

Participating in Horticultural Therapy will make you feel Empowered, Inspired, Competent, Grounded, and Reconnected.  Your sense of belonging and accomplishment will return as well as your Self-Confidence.

Gardening, in itself, is a stimulating, healthy physical activity that can be enjoyed by old and young.  Gardening increases your levels of physical activity and will maintain flexibility and mobility in later years.

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