Oyster River Winegrowers strive to be an ecosystem that is mostly self-sustaining.  The farm consists of orchards, pastures, small vineyards and the rest is a forest.  Only, organic, management practices are used on the farm.

The winery uses mostly natural processes that may have been common in pre-industrial times.  Their belief is that people should be nature’s assistant, rather than being a winemaker.  Therefore the winery is very low tech and uses no refrigeration in their winemaking process.  In the winter months, the winery is just gently heated with wood burning.  Only wood harvested on the farm is used for the heating.

They only use native yeasts that occur on the fruit or in the cellar.  Most of the fermentations start spontaneously and play out over several months.  Nothing is added or taken away from the natural chemistry of the fruit.  The farm supplies the fruit used in the wines and most of the fruit used for ciders.

Ciders and Sparkling Wines are bottled without filtering and no additional sulphites are used.  The still wines are gently filtered and sulphated minimally where necessary.

Plant based teas and rock minerals are used to control pests (which are primarily fungus) and to further plant health.  Healthy plants can resist pests and produce the best quality fruits.